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IN TIME a tale of great love and redemption as strange doorways or "misty curtains of time" begin opening into other times and places. No one knows why - or -when they will be enticed to pass through, only that they must heed the siren call of the ages.

    A young lad known as Cowboy began his "travels" as a toddler; therefore, he does not know his real name or where he comes from, only that he forever seeks to stop his wanderings and find a place to call home.

    His mother Ellie passes through Hell and Heaven as she searches for her missing son through time and place. Along the way, she meets other "travelers" and a man called Cedarman who becomes her rock and protector. Others tell their tales over a campfire surrounded by "lost" travelers and how they came to be there.

    Will the boy and his mother find each other "in time"?


IN TIME, Lila's 4th book is now published by World Castle Publishing and available now.




Book Review for In Time by Lila Pinord


By Gene Woodwick, Reviewer

Lila Pinord fans better get ready for an out-of-the-world experience.  Pinord’s latest novel In Time is just that—a mixture of time travel, American Indian mysticism, history in real time, and an armchair trip through American Indian communities of the Olympic Peninsula on the coast of Washington State.

The book’s final chapter takes the reader right back to where the adventurous novel begins with the experiences of the main characters, Bruce and Cowboy, philosophically pondering about Willow Town, a female named Ellie, and the Zen of an old Studebaker car and a cowboy hat.

Sounds esoteric?  Wait until you read the book to answer that.  The strong character descriptions from the first page forward show Pinord’s growth as an author from her first to this forth book.  This is immediately evident when Cowboy learns first hand about Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea and a Clatsop Indian chief named Coboway.

On walk to the explorer’s camp on the Columbia River, Cowboy meets up with a young Indian, Sabre, whom he later learns has been dead for a number of years. This sets the stage for the reader’s journey into the netherworld of time travel and the sage advice that lies in the wisdom of the elders.

In answer to Cowboy’s question of why the boy is never admitted into the camps, Chief Coboway’s reply sets forth the attitude towards life from the other world, “If he lives again it would be disastrous.  He would be caught between two worlds…his soul would never rest,” an attitude proven again and again through the novel.

There is a perfect segue into the appearance of Cowboy into the lives of young boys from the Raintree tribe, “”a sub-tribe of the Quinaults.”  It is here the mental Olympic Peninsula geographical game begins in the readers’ minds.  Are the places, Queets? Oil City? Taholah? Second Beach?  For Olympic Peninsula lovers, mentally placing stories to land spaces will be an extra pleasure of reading In Time.

A poster of a lost boy begins chapters that mix a good detective story into a surreal experience of “passing through” and the dissolving into the curtain that separates time, as the setting changes to a logging camp.  This chapter is sure to please older peninsula folks as the author’s descriptive realism of characters transcends the transformation of a “good guy” logger into a bestial evil dark character.  A character that becomes sadder as he has moments of self-recognition and mourns his former self.

Cowboy fights a losing battle as he becomes emotionally involved with those who become dear to him as he again falls through the curtain of time.

Pinord excels in writing descriptive patterns of thought, setting scenes of action and suspense particularly in the characterization of Ellie Mack and her quest to find truth.

The whole book is an intricate tapestry of storylines.  It is not a fast read, particularly for those who relate so strongly to Pinord’s past novels, and for those who are not readers of science fiction.  But In Time is well worth a close read for such folks.

For those who love time travel and have never read a Pinord book, you will certainly add this author to your library want list.  All readers will find they are in for a real mental ride—no one in the Northwest can make Northwest Indian’s daily life and personalities become so alive.

Besides, don’t you want to know about that old Studebaker and that cowboy hat?  You should.  It is the Zen of the story.






When you open the cover of In Time, be ready for an incredible ride which will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish while you ponder, question, and puzzle over the possibilities until some amazing connections bring everything to a dazzling conclusion.  You don’t finish this book and put it out of your mind as just another book read – it keeps you thinking long after the last page is turned.  I highly recommend it! – Cindy Taylor- AllBooksReview


"The great tradition of Native American storytelling is alive and well thanks to authors such as Lila L. Pinord. Born and raised in Queets, a small fishing village on the coast of Washington State and part of the Quinault Indian Nation, Pinord writes tales of terror, mystery and suspense with a modern flair while often weaving the traditional and mystical elements of her ethnic heritage into the stories. Pinord's fans are growing in number, and for good reason. She writes page-turners that can be both fun and frightening at the same time."  - Gary Val Tenuta - Author of The Ezekiel Code  


Lila Pinord's latest novel, In Time, is a tour de force work.
Her knack for writing is enfolding the reader into the story of people, like the mysterious character, Cowboy. Who he is and what he is to the others in the story is enthralling. Cowboy and the members of In Time go into an epic time travelling adventure as only Ms. Pinord could write!
A roller coaster read!
Ellen George – Author and Amazon’s Top Reviewer


Lila Pinord's new book, In Time, is compelling and hard to put down. At the final line I still wanted to hear more about the adventures of the time travelers. The premise of time travel in this book is unique and the explanation for lost children and mysterious disappearances meshes beautifully into the storyline. Ms. Pinord weaves true history, folk lore and Indian culture, ancient and modern into a story that abounds with wonderful descriptions of Washington State, the Columbia River and the beautiful Pacific coastline. This is a book that spans all ages from 'tweens to adults and readers will find the storyline and the varied cast of characters fascinating. 

A unique blend of sci fi, fantasy, metaphysics and adventure coupled with glimpses of real history make this a book an excellent read.

Dr. Fran Orenstein

Author, Poet, Editor


A fantastical journey through space and time, In Time provides an enjoyable escape.
- Gina Buonaguro & Janice Kirk, authors of The Sidewalk Artist and Ciao Bella


A fascinating idea: this pink and purple portal between times. It’s a real winner! Dennis Batchelder-Author of Soul Intent and Soul Identity


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