Title: Evil Lives in Blue Rock

Author: Lila L. Pinord

There is a thick fog covering the area, leaving everyone feeling unsettled.  But it is the mysterious figure with the soulless eyes that fills those nearby with terror and dread.

An evil spirit has returned to the Native American community surrounding  the town of Blue Rock, and has taken over the body of a trusted and beloved member.   Each day brings more senseless murder, accelerating as the Evil's thirst increases.  From children to respected elders, no one is safe.  It is up to those bestowed with special gifts to yet again exorcise the creature back to the waters from whence it came, before misery and death spreads over them all.

This is a wonderful, very scary novel with many diverse and interesting characters.  Lila Pinord has the ability to create great suspense through vivid images and strong, realistic emotions, without once losing the distinctiveness of the characters.  The tension is thick right to the end and will frighten even the most courageous of readers.

A Native American herself, Lila L. Pinord brings the traditions and myths of her people to life in this book.  With one other novel to her name, "Skye Dancer", her next novel will be much anticipated by this reviewer.

Highly recommended to the brave for a scary, late-night read.

Reviewer: Nancy Morris, Allbooks Reviews